Submarine, Veenendaal

onder constructie

This art work is designed as lookout post, intended to keep expanding your limits and your field of vision.
The half-submerged submarine is only accessible to the school’s children. Only they can tell what is going on beneath the surface of the water and what the world looks like through a periscope. Anyone else will simply have to believe the stories of the children who actually have been down to the submarine.
From within the submarine — which was invented in order to see without being seen — one can look at the surroundings in several ways: through a rotating periscope, through a camera obscura, or through a small underwater window.

In a section of the fence around the school 29 small viewers with kaleidoscopes are installed, taking the act of looking through the bars quite literally. The children of the Brede School can spin the viewers and in doing so change their surroundings into a fragmented, colourful world.
Both art works will be part of the school's curriculum.

Brede School, Veenendaal

steel tank, periscope, glass, octoscopes, rubber tiles, life buoy, rope

commissioned by
Kunst en Bedrijf, City of Veenendaal


photography: photos with children were taken by Jeroen Wandemakers