Vught, Extra Security Facility

view on the roof

Inmates continuously walking up and down, looking at the ground: that's the image I kept thinking of after my first visit to the TEBI (Temporary Extra Security Facility).
In my design I have kept the covered exercise yards of the permanent facility EBI as empty as possible. I have ignored the walls, so only the ground presents an image: a concrete floor of a light brown. It's surfaces rough, like a rolled sandy path.
During the construction of this prison some old high trees were cut down, inspired me to include the dark pattern of a canopy in the floor.
Although the exercise yards present a constantly changing image depending on the weather, these shadows of leaves are a permanent element as if one particular moment of the day has been recorded. The only things that slowly change position in bright weather are the real shadows of the iron grid above

EBI ‘Nieuw Vosseveld’, Vught

total surface area
exercise yards plus running track: 1600 m2

locally sandblasted Terrament concrete, black limestone, epoxy resin