Sophia Children’s Hospital, Rotterdam

view from the waiting room

For this waiting room I have made use of the view from the window.
The view consists of the patio: a surface of grey paving stones and an adjacent wall with four dark, shuttered ‘faux’ windows.
These I have covered with new window frames and glass panes, serving as picture frames for photographic images of leaves and trees.
The fourth, and last, window is shaped like a bay window. From the waiting room it looks as if this window is open (no windows can be opened anywhere in the hospital).
Behind the glass of this window is a picture of a tree hut. I remember tree huts as meeting places or places where you could hide as child and observe the surroundings unnoticed.
I have taken out the patio’s paving stones and laid down white and green pebbles instead. These pebbles are arranged in a pattern to simulate the shadow of trees, connecting the ground with the illusion of foliage behind the windows.

Sophia Children’s Hospital Rotterdam

silkscreen on trespa, glass, aluminium window frames, white Carrara pebbles and green Verde Alpi pebbles

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Sophia Children’s Hospital Rotterdam
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