Dark Dunes

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Dark Dunes

The photo book Dark Dunes is based on a stack of found negatives, shot by an anonymous photographer during the German occupation of the Netherlands. The photographer was very meticulous in the handling of the medium of photography. Not only are shutter times and aperture stops written down in the margins of these negatives, but also the time of day, what the weather was like, and what year it was: almost all between 1940 and 1945. In the negatives, the viewer sees landscapes, tulips, country lanes, and sometimes the cloudy sky.
A photographer who looks through the lens without seeing the age and world that he's living in.

This series of negatives is questioning how photography can conceal the reality instead of revealing it and how it can be escapist instead of engaging.
All photographs are printed as I found them: as negatives. This way, I aim to create a metaphoric relationship with this charged history, with the negative as a kind of counterpoint. The viewer is invited to create a realistic, or even a positive image of history, through their imagination.

Included are some newspapers whose publication dates correspond with the dates the photographer wrote in the margins of the negatives. The daily news is trickling into the official and propaganda news about World War II. The newspaper headlines refer to what is depicted in the negatives, like the photo of the armed farmers protecting their haystacks with sticks, or refers to the title Dark Dunes, like the article ‘Verordening voor Kustzone’ (regulation for coastal zones), with its black coastline.

An insert sheet with the English translation of the essay (by Wilco Versteeg) is also included.

The photobook is designed by Willem van Zoetendaal and can be ordered via mail@reinjelleterpstra.nl or via Publisher Willem van Zoetendaal. Pre-order price is € 22,- / $ 25,- excl. shipping costs.
(I hope to hand over the book in person, on a book launch, later in 2020)

concept Donkere Duinen – © Rein Jelle Terpstra
Design- Willem van Zoetendaal
Epilogue- Wilco Versteeg
Language Dutch, with English text on insert paper
Translation Taco Hidde Bakker
Dimensions- 16,5 x 22 cm,
48 pages FC
Scans Roy Taylor
Printing and binding Drukkerij Tienkamp, Groningen, Amsterdam
Publisher Rein Jelle Terpstra / Van Zoetendaal Publishers

reinjelleterpstra.nl, vanzoetendaal.com
Distribution ideabooks.nl

ISBN 978-90-72532-46-6

© Amsterdam 2020