Time Floating (scroll down)

view trough the periscope

In this art project the bridgemaster himself is being observed.
The little house at the bridge looks all locked up. All the curtains are closed, the Venetian blinds are down and the door is locked. Still, passers-by can look into the small building: a large periscope has been placed on the outside. One end of the periscope goes through the transom window and the other end hangs outside. Anyone who looks through the periscope sees the tiny interior from above: the chair, the television, the small table and the coffee-maker. And in that room, which is much too small, sits the bridgemaster.
After some time, the viewers’ perspective changes: instead of watching the bridgemaster, they will start watching with him, seeing everything he sees. Then it starts to dawn on them that they are not looking into the bridgemaster's house in real-time, but at a video display showing a pre-recorded scene.

Temporal installation, art event 'Met andere ogen'.
canal Het Vliet, Zuid Holland

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periscope, monitor, dvd player, film