The camera obscura of Van Gogh

Floor plan room of Vincent van Gogh, Yellow House, Arles, France

A three dimensional interpretation of a painting of van Gogh, which is based on  De slaapkamer, the painting with the quite distorted perspective and missing shadows.

Both characteristics of this painting led me to the making of a Camera Obscura.
I pasted photopaper on the walls and the floor and put scaled furniture in it. The light that came in through a small hole, casts shadows on the photopaper on the wall and floor. Afterwards, I developed the photopaper and hanged it again in the box.
Eventually De slaapkamer became a 'peep-show- box' of the sleeping room with just shadows of the furniture, in which the subjective eye of van Gogh coincides with the central perspective. 

Year: 2016
Material: wood, glass, fotopaper, light